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Get in touch with Alfaras Artwork
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About Alfaras Artwork


Alfaras Artwork has been founded to bring an international experience and quality to television sector. With the international partnerships from İstanbul, Cairo, Beirut, Dubai, Madrid and Lisbon; we serve global TV sector’s quality for your organization.

In this way Alfaras believes these business agreements will bring a new color to TV sector. Therefore Alfaras and its partners deal with all kind of TV productions such as TV commercials, TV advertorials, TV series, TV documentary production, cinema movie production, corporate video production and so on.

To give a full support in TV sector, Alfaras also deals with value added services like; animation design, opening & closing credits design, visual and sound effect designs, dubbing, sound recording, music compositions, sound design and all the necessary operations needed for the production of a TV project.

Please visit our portfolio to see some sample works and to get further information about Alfaras Artwork’s services, please contact us.

Alfaras From The Chairman’s Glance

Alfaras Artwork’s mission is to guide clients towards developing and guarding a flawless public image as professional reliable and trust worthy entities whether these entities are brands or moral.

In doing so, Alfaras will help increase company goodwill through its efficient utilization of its relation with Media, Government, NGO’s and business community to reflect client sincere commitment to social and environmental responsibility in public affairs.

Eng Anwar El Mezwaghi

Eng. Anwar El Mezwaghi